Fun With Smols

Welcome to the Smols Run, a live-action on-chain DeFi racing game.

The smols are lovable pet hamsters that engage in friendly competition and light mischief across a growing system of tracks, mazes and landscapes.

Slowly but surely an entire smol city will develop as we mature, complete with more tracks, more games and a whole ecosystem of NFT-powered interactive contraptions.

Live streaming

Broadcasting of races, special events and smol daily life snippets on Twitch, Tiktok and other streaming platforms.

Rev sharing

Token staking rewards will aggregate multiple revenue streams: part of active pots, a portion of trading fees and Blast native yield.

On-chain gaming

Fully on-chain provably fair and transparent gaming mechanics with 100% free operation for users thanks to Blast layer 2 native gas rebate.


Five professional racing smols hurry down a straight track to victory in this live-streamed daily event.
Pick your favourite for a chance to win the pot and claim your place on the smol leaderboard.

Remember the mechanical horse derby arcade game? This one will be a lot more interesting.
A pair of dice, on-chain randomness and a mechanical track live-streamed 24/7 for sheer racing enjoyment.
Lead one of the 10 mechanical smols to victory and claim your well-earned prize.

A digital endurance race that lasts for 48 hours straight.
You will have to carefully balance your smol's speed, stamina and water intake in order to win this one.
Up to 10,000 digital smols can take part in this virtual marathon.

A winding corridor, a complex web of shifting contraptions and many, many cheeses
await the smols brave enough to venture through to the heart of the Smol Maze.
Will they find the cheeses? Will they ever find their way back home?

This time around, the smols have to outrun imminent danger across a narrow pathway, Dr. Jones-style.
How many will make it out in time? Who will win the race and claim the treasure hidden within?

Smol future

Our ultimate goal is to create a fun and engaging DeFi gaming experience for users and a safe, healthy environment for our furry friends that culminates in an epically smol megacity, complete with everything the smols could ever wish for.

the smols are powered by XXS (smol Token), the staple of our circular economy

We have carefully considered the Smol token model for the long run, as we have big plans for our smols in the years to come. XXS can be used within the racing games and staked for earning revenue share.